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No wonder South American dictators had a foot fetish

  No invention yet has slowed the carnage; you can now buy running shoes with steel bedspringsembedded in the soles and Adidas that adjust their cushioning by microchip furniture renta, but the injury ratehasn’t decreased a jot in thirty years. If anything, it’s actually ebbed up; Achilles tendon blowoutshave seen a 10 percent increase. Running seemed to be the fitness version of drunk driving: youcould get away with it for a while, you might even have some fun, but catastrophe was waitingright around the corner.
  “Big surprise,” the sports-medicine literature sneers. Not exactly like that, though. More like this:
  “Athletes whose sport involves running put enormous strain on their legs.” That’s what the SportsInjury Bulletin has declared. “Each footfall hits one of their legs with a force equal to more thantwice their body weight. Just as repeated hammering on an apparently impenetrable rock willeventually reduce the stone to dust, the impact loads associated with running can ultimately breakdown your bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.” A report by the AmericanAssociation of Orthopedic Surgeons concluded that distance running is “an outrageous threat to theintegrity of the knee Master of Nursing Hong Kong.”
  And instead of “impenetrable rock,” that outrage is banging down on one of the most sensitivepoints in your body. You know what kind of nerves are in your feet? The same ones that networkinto your genitals. Your feet are like a minnow bucket full of sensory neurons, all of themwriggling around in search of sensation. Stimulate those nerves just a little, and the impulse willrocket through your entire nervous system; that’s why tickling your feet can overload theswitchboard and cause your whole body to spasm.
   when it came to breaking hard cases; thebastinado, the technique of tying victims down and beating the soles of their feet, was developedby the Spanish Inquisition and eagerly adopted by the world’s sickest sadists. The Khmer Rougeand Saddam Hussein’s sinister son Uday were big-time bastinado fans because they knew theiranatomy; only the face and hands compare with the feet for instant-messaging capability to thebrain. When it comes to sensing the softest caress or tiniest grain of sand, your toes are as finelywired as your lips and fingertips TV rental.
  “So isn’t there anything I can do?” I asked Dr. Torg.
  He shrugged. “You can keep running, but you’ll be back for more of these,” he said, giving a littleting with his fingernail to the giant needle full of cortisone he was about to push into the bottom ofmy foot. I’d also need custom-made orthotics ($400) to slip inside my motion-control runningshoes ($150 and climbing, and since I’d need to rotate two pairs, make it $300). But that wouldjust postpone the real big-ticket item: my inevitable next visit to his waiting room.

No wonder South American dictators had a foot feti

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