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Poverty is not rooted in the roots, this is the faith of the native people. This is the firm confidence of the generations of farmers. There is no goal in the world that can't be achieved. As long as you are willing to struggle, you will work hard. The bones of the native people, with a solemn and stirring passion, carry on the struggle of life on a most difficult road. They don't take care of the fate of human beings who are talking or cynical; they are trying to change their lives and their living conditions. They buried their firm eyes in the land. They always believed that those who sowed the seeds of the Loess would always bloom and bear fruit if they paid enough. Hometown people the dark skin and rough fingers after years and eternal spirit; that a heavy load time lines such as field field, take care of their wisdom. The people who had traveled far away from their hometown were back to their hometown, and their hometown hugged them with the most intimate breasts. The warm and thick chest of my hometown is always warm and warm.

In the early morning of my hometown, I feel a great inspiration, let people lose less confusion, and be narrow minded and clear. Home people, the spirit of the hometown is always a good medicine for us to go on the road. No matter how many lives we encounter, we must firmly believe that any difficulty will not be permanently rooted.

When winter comes, spring will not be far away; the night is coming, and the dawn is not far away. No matter what the situation, we have to hope in the heart in the seed, and then use the rain to moisten her persistent struggle, believe that one day you will the world of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.

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Lost alone at the happy crossroads
Lost alone at the happy crossroads
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A modest man knows himself better.

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