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Looking for each other's home

Seasons in time, such as wheels, cycle again and again. Life is a season of pride and disgrace, life and death never cease. From this day on, the sun is no longer so fanatical, the soft sunshine fills the heart and ignites the love of autumn. The wind is also quiet a lot, silue was autumn quietly, slowly wipe away impetuous was autumn, like a pastoral poet in the field in the forest harvest song chant, sing a qinghuan.

The river is no longer like a runaway horse, running all the way, the rampage, but lean a lot, a lot of clear, quiet a lot, flocks of sheep in the river eating autumn plump, shepherd sing a ripe ballad, leisurely and comfortable is a piccolo deduction. The shining golden light on the threshing floor, the honest laughter by the wood milling raise fall, thick piles of wheat a Chow Chow Chow Chow, day sweet rippling in the rough hands.

Corn green and luxuriant forest, like the sea, big waves bursts, corn on the cob will spring dreams, passion summer bred autumn plump, with a touch of sweet corn taste in the heart, has a deep sense of nostalgia. A string of potato with purple flowers, bloom heartily, like countless small horn, singing the autumn harvest, soybean pod, layer by layer, the body is predicted to come next year be promoted step by step.

The fruit covered Valley, ripe apple, fruit like smiling face, full of earthy laughter in the valley is haunting and diffuse, echoed, apple red vicissitudes of time painted autumn maple leaves, red. A string of purple grapes covered with wood, crystal clear, like a pearl, agate, embellishment of life appearance.

Even the grass, no longer indulge in spring green, summer red, but gradually turn yellow, slowly ripe and calm and steady, like thinking about the meaning of life. The beginning of autumn, a Feng Shui Ling, life is no longer impetuous; but stable, no publicity, but no longer restrained; fanaticism, but gentle; no longer dream, but mature. The beginning of autumn, a platform, the season of maturity, thirsty, have to get off, and then to the next station.

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A modest man knows himself better.

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