Life is to be feared

I used to think that love was love at first sight, but later I thought that love was a constant stream of water. Then I thought that love was a sense of security, a companion, a dependence, and a reluctance to let it go.

When you trust someone unreservedly, there are only two outcomes, either the person in life or a lesson in life.

When you have negative emotions, don't talk. Mind your own mouth, sometimes do dumb, is a realm.

Be a person low-key side elegant, work high profile just outstanding; It is safe to be a simple person and do everything carefully. A good conscience is a good conscience, but a good conscience is a good conscience. To be tolerant is to be recognized, to be strict is to be recognized.

Life is a kind of understanding, a kind of understanding, understand understanding, understand understanding, understand tolerance, the day will be warm, also will be peaceful.

When you feel pain, treat yourself physically, heal yourself when you hurt yourself, and don't expect the best care from others.

No matter how life goes, don't forget to smile. May you be your own sun without anyone's light.

Time will tell us, simple like the most long-term, ordinary in the company of the most peaceful, know you the most warm people.

The most beautiful scenery, not the end, but on the road, the most beautiful people, not the appearance, but in the heart. Let life all meet, all become a kind of beautiful!

Be grateful for life, be afraid of life. Be a smiling sunflower, no matter how the world turns, can find their own warmth, never bow to the warm sun...

No matter how poor you are, don't run out of money. No matter how hard it is, don't break your word. If there is anything else, make it clear. Be a man of integrity and do things for nothing. Never lose the trust of others, because trust is the value of your existence in the eyes of others.

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