The old willow still laughs at the spring breeze

Women in the republic of China have three qiao, bun, cheongsam, bound feet. New China's women have three handsome, short hair, front, embroidered shoes. Contemporary woman has 3 beautiful, long hair, bare breast, knickers head. Women's style of writing times, men's spirit of society. Society is a kaleidoscope. I am an old willow tree.

I don't know the year, I don't know the age, I don't know who I am. Reading the spring light, bathing in the spring breeze, the new bar helps me cross the bridge east Serviced apartment Central. I don't see my fair girl in those days. You vomit fang, I contend for yan, a flower tree an umbrella, weak wind write me a red point. Two orioles sing green willow, a pair of lovers hide willow smoke. A shepherd boy rides an ox and plays the willow flute. Two eyes are smiling at each other.

I am a willow, a brush in spring. Painting small grass, tender, charming, wet, wearing a handsome. By the side of the road, on the ridge of the field, by the river, on the hillside, yes. The world is full of vigor and vitality.

Paint peach flowers, before green leaves vomit fragrance. Pink powder, red. A tree peach blossom a tree poem, thousands of competing appearance. A rosy glow in the distance and a fire in the distance. I'm in love with peach blossom. I've lost a lot of guys.

Painting spring water, last night light rain clean dust, a lake spring water such as mirror bright. The stream trickles through the erhu and the river rushes on. I'm waiting for you on the bank of the river. Cold does not know the age, smile in the spring breeze.

The spring wind blows everywhere new, the mountains and rivers empty read a cloud. Yang liuyi wrote love letters, wanquan river water read the mother. Looking into a new world serviced apartments hong kong, the sun dyed flowers like brocade. The spring wind speaks everywhere, singing birds and singing all over the place.

It's not cold, it's not fake. Warm, tender, like mother's kiss, like lover's kiss, like guanyin's eyes, that is the love and affection of nature. Spring breeze green river south bank, how many people know girl heart?

The wind in spring, the water in autumn. Clear cool cool a world, spring river water warm duck prophet. A thousand miles of wind and water, a tree green in front of thousands of homes. Before the road no scenery, flying red to go green cover mountain river Aqua Peel. In ancient times, how much love and righteousness, into the spring wind into the spring rain.

How much wind, how much love. One night the amorous feelings cut the bishtree, two world love life pay. Willow bank, peach blossom ferry. Red paper umbrella, cherry mouth. Plaited a swing to tie the spring breeze, tie a me, fasten a you, do not forget that year's love, love spring breeze.

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