A trace of life

Morning rain, thin, dense, soft, as if touching the heart. Agreeable, one after another starts, makes the lasting appeal flutters. "Oh, that's where I'm going to soak a morning-long fragment of life in happiness."

Suck freely, suck the fresh breath of the morning, the sweet breath of the green leaves, the breath of nature. Sucking, in the course of life, is a beautiful way to enjoy; Sucking is the mysterious music that makes the body and mind in a highly pleasant state. Sucking is the grand ritual of integrating all the essence of creation into oneself.

Climb the slopes and observe the love between leaves and leaves like a scientist. Autumn leaves, caressing the leaves, leaves in the arms of the leaves growing; The leaves, soft and tender, softly whisper, from ancient legends to future paintings, from spring to autumn, from tender and beautiful green to yellow, show a great process of life.

Bend down and gather the grass. I can hear the breath of its growth. The leaves are covered with tiny drops of water. I touch the leaves of the wild grass, and the taste of my hand, as the moon touches the night, is a wonderful unspeakable feeling.

By chance, I saw a small tree in my hometown's backyard. To it, light memories, quiet thoughts, the branches of my childhood, recorded my carefree soliloquy, recorded the track of my life.

Camphor and osmanthus trees, I am too familiar. I have written articles for them. Although it is not a beautiful article, it is impossible to be like cui hao at yellow crane tower, fan zhongyan at yueyang tower and wang bo at teng royal pavilion, but I have paid special attention to it. I defamiliarize the camphor and osmanthus trees, and I shall see at this moment something that I have never seen before. Indeed, the camphor and osmanthus trees in this little field, under the drizzle of this autumn morning, are new to me.

A trace of life, by footprints and imagination, remained in this small land, on the leaves and green leaves in the drizzle, and penetrated into the roots and branches of camphor tree, osmanthus tree, and camphor tree. What a beautiful morning I had.

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