Bring your own sunshine

Where there is sunshine, there will be no haze; where there is sunshine, there will be no harm. So cherish every bright day, love every inch of warm time, when the sun shines into the heart of the sea, will give birth to love and compassion.

To weave the fine days into sunshine, the years will have a luster, people on the road, there will always be one or another unhappy, but life does not have long-term pain, nor is it always vicissitudes of life, the most important to maintain a good attitude,Registered Address as long as the heart is sunny, life will not have rainy days.

Plain days, in the heart open a window of the eye, and planted full of flowers and sunshine, so that years, arrive at the shore safely, Thanksgiving, contentment, smile, with the most beautiful mood, the best life.

Life is a process of awakening, the process of putting happiness in the heart, the warmth of the collection, even if the wind and dust, will not feel lonely, your heart sunny, the world will be sunny, your heart warm, years will be filled with warmth, beautiful will also be as the agreement.

I remember a little poem in Russia that said, the day is so short that it is too short to embrace the morning. The year is very short, too short to fine spring Yin red sinus green, it is necessary to make some vegetable wrapped autumn frost! Life is very short, short of the time to enjoy the beautiful years, already in the twilight! Time passes too fast, we always realize too late, life is too short, why not live it well

Bring your own sunshine, light up the heart of confusion, a flower, fragrance everywhere, a seed and fall on where will grow, a ray of sunshine, saxiang where is warm, in this world everyone has each person's position, have to go to the place,Air Cooled Screw Chiller the experience of the people and things, time, and time vicissitude, each New Year flower similar, but each person is different, every year there will always be unspeakable sadness, learn to adapt to and accept everything is not perfect, learn to choose, know to put down, life will winds light cloud pale, what years static good, simply knew relief.

Bring your own sunshine, for an open mind, the majestic mountain mountain, water, water depth, each plant flowers and trees, can live out their own attitude, every grass, have their own strong, life is a flower, the rest of my life, in the four seasons circulation, quietly grow, blossom faintly and hidden in the heart of the sun, over the years, don't dye, beautiful heart to warm, only do their own scenery.

Bring your own sunshine, adversity, also can calm, let the heart, no matter how much confusion, the outside world have always maintained a firm and pure, not modest, they will cheer up, see light, nothing is can't give up, I hope, my what break life,Abbott Eleva a blessing in disguise, how, you envy my car, I envy you your room, happiness is a state of mind, nothing is more important than to have a good mood.

Life, sometimes flowers, flowers, sometimes, if we are to smile, so at the moment of every day the sun rises to the rise of a smile, every sunset, wen wan, who pass by goodwill, walking through a road, appropriate collection, even in bleak season, also want to inner fanhuasijin, bring your own sunshine, with the most beautiful mood, the best life.

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