Looking back, thank you

Time, is one of the most responsible burning master, always not anxious not to slow down the life of every second real memory. Day by day, month by month, 365 days a year, unconsciously slipped through the fingers. Standing at the end of the end of the node, the heart will unconsciously fill the infinite sigh and melancholy Air Purifier.
Looking back, those good times, still the smell of fragrance, shallow hiding in the time of the corridor; Those painful memories, already with a drop of tears, wind in the boundless sky. Countless times of setbacks and honing, the power of life, let the pace of progress more determined; Countless times of struggle and loss, become life experience, let the mind more to be calm and peaceful.
Every time of life is the only thing that cannot be copied. Every piece of dust, there are different warmth and pain. The moment of happiness is always worth remembering; The sad past is for the silent forgetting.
Life is long, happiness is hard to find, sadness is everywhere. Optimistic people, like to collect sweet moments, to enrich their life years; Pessimistic people, accustomed to holding grief and sorrow, deep in the quagmire of complaints.
Life is too fast, too hasty. When you pause in the early morning the sudden rain, pour a drowned rat unhappy unhappy, but missed how beautiful the rainbow after the rain Hong Kong apartment, dusk sunset how charming. People are always like this, habitual restraint in the mood of the swamp can not extricate themselves.
All things are impossible, and the weather will be good and bad, and life will rise and fall. To see the world with a light heart, can not be afraid of the storm and heavy rain; Use peace to see the ups and downs of life, to be able to be free from the state of mind.
The first year of the first year of the heart, the end of the year is closer and closer, there is no joy in childhood, and no youth in the confusion. Some are just a sigh and an Epiphany when looking back. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for being in adversity, the warmth and selflessness of your loved ones, and the courage to cross the mire with warmth and affection. Thanks for the love and encouragement of friends when you are in a sad city, you have a lonely heart with warmth and friendship.
Thanks for honing, I learned to be strong; Thanks for the hurt, let me know cherish and cherish Sage ERP. Thank oneself, in the life of the spiritual practice, also crossed a new step.
Thanks to the love of the words, let the heart have a dumping export; Thanks to the love of music, I will accompany you through one sleepless night after another.
Time tells us that whether it is a good time or a sad moment, it is impossible to go back. Life tells us that the hard times will be gone, and the sad ones will be gone.
Through the wind and snow of the life mud flow, can usher in the beautiful sunny day; Across the sorrow and sorrow of the muddy, can bloom the charming and charming smile.
Life, can not be drunk or depressed in the past time, but to go to tomorrow with a new attitude, live a wonderful life!

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