Colorful five lakes

Tao yuanming, a poet of the eastern jin dynasty, created a fantasy of an out-of-the-world wonderland filled with beautiful flowers and fallen flowers in his book peach blossom land. But even the poet could not imagine through time and space, in the heart of the jianghan plain east jing river,Flooded Water Cooled Screw Chiller there really is a real peach garden - five lakes.

Five lakes, east of the Yangtze river, south of the honghu lake, adjacent to jiayu, looking north of the han river, the ancients like to call her taibai lake, legend of li bai once traveled in this and named, the yu "gai seven ze the most, and dongting peng li was close." The five water areas of the five lakes, the name is particularly good: mill lake, straw lake, magpie lake, small south lake, beach lake. They are colorful, full of charming paintings and poems all year round.

Three or two peach blossoms from a bamboo shoot. When the air is filled with the scent of wild celery, leek and wild chenopodium, the reeds unconsciously close to the waist, crowded, layer by layer, has been spread far away, such as the vast grassland. Breeze brushed, reed tip gently swaying, such as the eyes of the beauty of juvenile. The clear water of the lake is like a mirror in a fairy tale, reflecting graceful white clouds and green reed stalks. The swallows swooped over the lake and performed their aerial acrobatics,Serviced Apartment HK the red stork and the white stork took off and landed among the reeds, singing gaily, and the wild ducks chimed in. The sheep were munching on the grass and bleating.

When the green mountains were all over the plain and white rivers, the flood season of the Yangtze river came, and the water poured into the tidal flat of this area for hundreds of miles. At that time, the five lakes became a vast ocean with the same color of water. Imperceptibly, a variety of fish swim with the currents into the five lakes and settle down here. Fishermen are not allowed to fish and shoot birds. Is this bird's paradise? If the wind and the sun are beautiful, you can row a boat, the wild geese singing deep, the birds flying, sound and sound, you can also find on the duckweed on the large and small eggs. At this moment, I really want to become a bird and inhabit this world away from noise, pollution and noise.

The reed is white! The reed is white! As the river receded, the reed proudly straightened its back. The spirit of these wetlands, they go through all the trials and tribulations, 48 volt dc motor with a vigorous appearance, stood a beautiful scenery. The silver-clad reeds are high and low, in forests, dancing in the wind, opposite the swallows slanting over the top of a reed. Who can forget the sweat that drips down on this land! The marsh reed was once the main source of raw material for the hanyang paper mill. In the 1970s, the central government sent helicopters to spray medicine for the reed to kill insects. Children growing up on the lake, less than 10 years old can skillfully weave the reed mat, weave straw plait, township straw factory products have been exported across the sea to dozens of countries. For a period of time, reeds have been an indispensable material in people's life, ranging from national construction to sun cushion. They are closely related to the meaning of xingguo anbang. Now, reeds no longer need to be harvested, they can reproduce freely, the white floccules floating, who do not feel warm and warm heart!

One winter day, we went to the south fifth lake to see the hao. Step on the suspension bridge of the unsteady, one by one bluff, shout loudly, do a childhood game. A few wild geese are flying overhead! One moment a person, the next a word, blink of an eye, changed formation. Good power! We wonder: this grass dry water cold season, the geese how forget to fly south, still in the five lakes? Is it hard not to overwinter here? The geese seemed to respond: ah! Ah! Five lakes, whip to urge the horses to send food, water happy fish yue yue harvest, who would like to miss ah, we do not go! Don't walk!

Run to haart, what do you think we see? Big and small fish like the competition, scramble to jump out of the water, pole athletes can not jump out of such a natural and elegant posture! The black-faced jackal, the graceful grass fish, the fat silver carp, the snapper ** * one after another, you sing me again, the heroes all over the next year, one by one jump higher than the other, see people's bewilderment, dazzling. This is the feast of the five lakes! The city of dreams will last for two months. Although the fishing village is a small village, it has its own responsibilities, and the joint operation model is harmonious. As we boarded the sorting vessel, the fishermen, with their hands and feet, brandished their shovels and sorted the fish into their cabins. We were amused by a fisherman's older brother, who smiled happily as we circled the big fish in his arms, elated as he held his beloved little son.

On the lake are the proud and cheerful people; The sky, pianfei is the stretch of the great egret. Suddenly I remembered a poem by du fu, "what is it like, a sand gull in the world? On the contrary, today's five lakes is just a sand gull flying high. With its loud whistle and light body, the sand gull is flying higher and higher in the vast sky and the broad river. Today's five lakers are just a free sand gull. The good wind, by force, sent me to the clouds.

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