A dandelion with light fragrance

My wife loves dandelions, and when the dandelions are in bloom every spring, she takes me to the countryside to enjoy them.

As the night sky began to shine, we got out of bed, filled our stomachs, and took some cakes, fruit and a few bottles of mineral water on our way. The car pulled out of the city, into the winding mountain road, and the new cement road ran smoothly and smoothly. In a place called the golden tree, the car suddenly felt the fresh air, and the light red sky made the sky full of purple and red, and crossed paths to a hillside. The eye-catching flowers here are very beautiful. Pieces of pure, grace, dandelion, in particular offshore hong kong company, the drive cabinet were blossoming flower beautiful romance and seems to be some of the joy of chicken, so sweet, and like a brassy jewelry general bedding slopes.

I hurried up the hill. The old man called, "look, there are some trees here. How beautiful they are." I turned back, and there were several of her feet, so strong and bright. "You smell the faint scent." Indeed, it is not like some flower fragrance is too heavy, also unlike some flowers are colourful and not fragrant, it is not compared with the other flower fairy, give a person a kind of infinite daydream.

We place oneself in the tender grass green, sparkling, is full of clusters, clusters and clouds of dandelions, under the beautiful spring scenery, is so enchanting TingTuo, colorful, dye slopes of a piece of golden yellow.

The dandelion is not more than half a foot tall, the leaf is lanceolate, pinnate split. Looking down, the petals are not big, the round head shape, I fold a branch, the whole plant contains white milk. The flowers attract bees busy with honey, and the buzzing sounds like the beauty and sweetness of the world. The early petals had faded, turned brown, and had a thin, white fur that floated out into the air business centre Mong Kok. It is so graceful, so leisurely, so charming, with the breeze, the dream blue sky nine days. Looking at the green hillside, the sea of flowers, the yellow waves, it is really refreshing, like a fairyland.

Dandelion is the most common perennial herbaceous plants, interest-bearing strength is extremely strong, barren soil, it can grow again, shelf-space jetty head it can those fragrance, it takes root in where can sprout, take root, grow, blossom and bear fruit, do not need to plant management, every spring since it will be vibrant.

"This dandelion is an important Chinese medicine." The old man had a single bell for the dandelion. "The root is medicine, has the function of the antipyretic. To boil water to drink and cure a cold fever, mash its roots, paste on small sores or inflammation can cure pain.

We picked up two bags, according to the old man, and she said, "let us leave some for ourselves, and the rest to those who need it. Some herbs are worthless, they are uncollected, they are very expensive, and if you have more people, you will not only exercise your body, but also affect the price of your herbal medicine.

Evening, I sat on the sofa, smelling the light fragrance of dandelion, praise of dandelion's poem "do not red not envyimmortal, embroidered velvet vomit fog flow, dance, stop into flocculant stained with mud, green storage fang in after years." The imagination in the mind, the dandelion is far less lofty than the royal orchid, and less elegant than the peony, why it is so popular wine tasting. It is not proud, quiet, tranquil and not superficial, noble and unsophisticated, ordinary ordinary but now noble, dedicated to the world and the return, such character who can disrespect.

I looked at his wife with a strain of dandelion meditation, suddenly realized that, the travel day and night, rain dew meal fight the wind in the desert beaches, mountain valleys, water mud for China nuclear industry construction group company worker, it is like a dandelion, carry forward the "four all" spirit of the nuclear industry, strong and brave enough to take, take root, grow, dedication, competitive wheatgrass vomit!

I also understand the feeling of the company that has been received by the minister. She is looking forward to the company's new work.

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