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A holy winter in the heavens

When I looked at the sea in many pearls flashing articles, or those beautiful poem, unreal dream, fragrant flower, or the most incisive life, rural people are honest, cattle honest, happy, or sad, or a beautiful butterfly floating scroll, or write a great love live beautiful or, with tears watered desolate heart, or the heart of love and miss the lover endless, or smile calmly dilute displeasure...... In their article, I saw a story about life and emotion, how much joy, sorrow, sorrow ".

My words full of greenery Yingying vitality and positive energy, but my mind was suddenly short, a full of memories of the real feelings for me this, I think, that's enough. I don't beg my words like spring flowers in full bloom, everyone praised; I don't beg my words like the summer gorgeous, bright bright brightness; I don't beg my words like snow white, burning xiongshao.

In August, a round, a bunch of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, and the wind blowing, swaying, look like thousands of girls dancing, beautiful book palace dancer, face peach, enlight lips, smiling, narrow waist twist, sleeves up, like fairy Xiafan, beauty is like the moon, swaying dance. That half a palm sized red red, bright color, beautiful type, laughing to show her charm, as if in a dream of Red Mansions "walk briskly, attract people to laugh, laugh to show the status, to reveal the arrogant Xifeng laughter. Flower of the white light, lying, picked up, with fingertips smooth petals, light texture, lubrication, smell the aroma nostrils, pale and distant, as if the "wing king" umbrella in the heroic spirit and distributed as pretty as a flower, so that thousands of soldiers captured the hearts of her temperament from the inside, drunk all the heroine. The blooming lotus, white color with light pink, and dance with the wind, elegant, charming appearance and personality, some plump, like "Drunken Beauty" in the fullness of her beauty; there is a little thin, like floating in water on the lotus fairy, that is "the west" in the moon light in the dance.

In August, sunny, looking at the blue sky, a cloudless blue sky, what do you think of? The pilot is performing tricks in the blue sky, from the five color eight color smoke, draw a heart, or a rose, or a ring, at this time, you think of your lover, the thoughts in the mind surging, propose the idea more strongly. Are you wearing a uniform, valiant and heroic in bearing this is your glory, motherland and love, both equally important, in my heart you wrote in their letter, written for their love. Sometimes, white clouds blossoming, and some like galloping horses, and some like a landscape painting, and some like a vague words. Looking at the white clouds, what can you imagine? Are you holding the pen Ma Liang, wanton brush, writing the prairie landscape is how broad and spectacular; writing of the motherland is the magnificent scenery to numerous hills and streams; write the years green when young, ignorant of love.

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A modest man knows himself better.

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