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Falling in love with words

When my fingers on the keyboard when dancing, a familiar and comfortable feeling like the spring breeze blew my lonely heart; when I wrote the spring scenery, heart is like a blossom, spring and cozy feeling, beautiful. When I wrote the summer scenery, such as lotus in the heart of Tada Reba, with the rhythm of life. When I wrote the autumn scenery, good mood, "autumn autumn rain Sharen" "Yudabajiao leaf" sentence, it should be the heart of the artistic conception, infinite beauty. When I wrote the winter scene, the heart of the earth buried seeds will quiet sleep, soon after, when thousands of pear trees was no longer, there will be an amazing power of seed sprouting.

When I use a better life and express the true feelings, always can not help but smile; when I realized the true meaning of life, think of "facing the sea, spring" of the poem, the mood click into place when I think of far away; pain grandmother, often will deeply love with your fingertips gushing out of the heart in the box full of memories and thoughts. Many times, when I was writing for friends and alienated me, marry and settle down, even a greeting, when a call is not, my heart good pain, some thought, a few tears, a few friends, just understand, unable to part, life is just one, in billow red dust, the vast sea, can meet acquaintance, is a rare fate, passer-by, glance back, difficult to meet, but also a kind of like broad-leaved epiphyllum open beautiful moment.

When the moonlight flowed in sadness, loneliness and sadness fingertips, listen to a song the same sad songs, the text is full of nostalgia and worry about personal gains and losses haze, blue sky, white clouds, flowers, trees, wind, birds, cicadas, always so intoxicating heart of summer, she and I, in the color purple flowers in wearing a purple lace underwear, the wind is suffused with the faint fragrance of purple flowers, blowing hair and hem, we purple aroma of her beautiful, sunny smile, bright eyes and pure love, laughter, and fragrant flowers inseparable tangled together, romantic memories, the back room warm, soon after the lights, she was gone, her soul in heaven, will look back on this beautiful feeling?

When I looked at the sea in many pearls flashing articles, or those beautiful poem, unreal dream, fragrant flower, or the most incisive life, rural people are honest, cattle honest, happy, or sad, or a beautiful butterfly floating scroll, or write a great love live beautiful or, with tears watered desolate heart, or the heart of love and miss the lover endless, or smile calmly dilute displeasure...... In their article, I saw a story about life and emotion, how much joy, sorrow, sorrow ".

My words full of greenery Yingying vitality and positive energy, but my mind was suddenly short, a full of memories of the real feelings for me this, I think, that's enough. I don't beg my words like spring flowers in full bloom, everyone praised; I don't beg my words like the summer gorgeous, bright bright brightness; I don't beg my words like snow, like heaven holy day, burning Xiongshao white.

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