Female hoodlum Onokazu


Because of you

Because your appearance I am from a sag boy to an energetic person Serviced apartment hk!

Because your appearance I am addicted to QQ.

Because your appearance my life's rhythm is that set out and receive note business start up hong kong!

Because your appearance the mobile phone's shake is more important than heart-throb wine course hk !

Because your appearance the sunlight out of the window shines on to come into my nigritude heart!

Because your appearance I can't wait to go home.

Because your appearance I am first to realize the importance of a handsome face's function!

Because your appearance I am aware of a naive girl that is worth to strive!Meanwhile I will do my level best!!

Because your appearance Icome to know a feeling called that falling in love at first tangency!

Because your appearance the word of 'honey'become warm and legible immediately!

Because your appearance because i care about you!

All shall be well,Jack shall have Jill!!

Because of you

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I’m blundering again
It is a very desirable variety
When a story lasting
A modest man knows himself better.

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