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In the spring, the autumn was sent away, the winter was coming. Facing the warming weather, the snow had long lost our southern city. Several years have never seen snow, really miss snowy days, the snow wrapped clip show dance like catch the wind, I enjoy it, I want to open my arms in the land of its arrival, I love walking in the snow, footprint to two lines deep imprint, like their way of life, far away, how I longed to see its shadow, but it is not always willing to come.

We appreciate the romance and passion of the spring, the enthusiasm and prosperity of the summer; now we have a good feeling of the loneliness and loneliness of the winter. Many of the trees are bare, twigs scattered with few leaves, only the trunk also stand proudly on the tree, occasionally there are a few pieces of yellow leaves floated down.

I heard that the Mount Lu was snowing, and we went to the cableway at the foot of the Mount Lu to take the cable car to Mount Lu to enjoy the snow. We sit on the cable with cable and cable car slowly years, became more and more high, but very smooth, almost feel it is moving, the cable car is more and more high, trees on the mountain view of the eyes, the cable car people have taken to high altitude, I dare not look down, the numerous mountain pine a wild profusion of vegetation, all over the mountains and plains go higher, the lower the temperature, in the sun where mountain photogenic, tree with a thin layer of snow, the sun went to see snow, is estimated to have.

Seven minutes to get to the Mount Lu, Mount Lu is really like a land of idyllic beauty, snow tree, scenery exceptionally charming, all the trees like a ice, ice covered very charming, fold in the sun shine, Hill's temperature is ten degrees, immeasurably vast difference, people obviously feel the cold the cold. Suddenly remind of Zheng Xie's poem "Snow Mountain in the morning to open the door, snow mountain, snow Qingyun light sun cold. The eaves are not dripping with the plum jelly. This scene only because of the sky, the world is rare to see a few times.

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Lost alone at the happy crossroads
Lost alone at the happy crossroads
Lost alone at the happy crossroads
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